Come to me...I will give you rest

என்னிடத்தில் வாருங்கள்…நான் உங்களுக்கு இளைப்பாறுதல் தருவேன்

Sat 7pm; Sun 11:30am & 4pm

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Our Services

Children's Service [Age 4 to 8]: Sat  4 PM

Youth Gathering: Sat  5 PM

Tamil Service: Sat 7 PM

Preteen Gathering Sat  7 PM

Bilingual Service: Sun 4 PM


About Us

An interdenominational bilingual church that transcends race and color, putting their relationship with God first, meeting together regularly to worship Jesus Christ. We constantly work with language groups from India such as Tamil and Hindi to make a n impact in their lives.


TGIF 8pm

Join one of our many LIFE GROUPS that meet across the city each week.

Children`s Church

Sat at 4 PM

We’re dedicated to partnering with parents to lead children to become fully devoted to Christ through songs, stories, art and fun. 

Preteens Church

Sat at 7 PM

Preteens aren’t dull, tired, or boring…so why should the church be? Join us for real, relevant teaching – sprinkled with games, music, and fun.

Connect with our Life Group

We come together every Friday at 8 pm to learn and grow deeper in our relationship and knowledge of God. Also to have some fun along the way!


Have a prayer request?

No matter your past or your present circumstance no matter how broken,  we believe that God can make you whole again. Send us your prayer request and join us as we pray to God.


Watch our sermons

Our services are live on Youtube and Facebook. You can also watch our previous sermons from our channels.


The Wise are Not Lazy

Proverbs 18:1-10 To cut one’s self off from family, friends, and community is often to express a selfish desire. It shows an unwillingness to make sacrifices to get along with others. A wise men, women are like deep waters; howsoever much you pump or draw off, you do...

GOD`s nature do you reveal?

Do you Reveal GOD`s nature? Romans 1:18-25 We sometimes object to the idea of the wrath of God because we equate it with human anger, which is motivated by selfish personal reasons or by a desire for revenge. We must not forget that the wrath of God is completely...

Seek Wisdom Not Knowledge

Proverbs 16: 1-10 It is helpful to remember the difference between wisdom and knowledge. You can have knowledge without wisdom. Knowledge is the collection of facts. wisdom is the right use of what we know for daily living. Knowledge can tell one how financial systems...


John 8: 48 to 59 The enemies of Jesus were frustrated. They were unable to make Jesus look bad, tackle him down. As more and more started to believe in Christ, So they launched their last attack. name-calling. Sometimes, when we are not aligned with what God is doing...

God gives His light and word

Psalms 18: 25-36 David could look back with great gratitude and sing this song Human nature wants to use a small measure of mercy with others, but wants a large measure of mercy from God. Jesus told us to expect the same measure from God that we give to others. The...

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